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Here is what my clients have said about their Galactic Astrology reading.

Ruth read my chart and galactic history and I loved everything about it. I resonated strongly with almost everything she said and even the odd points that I felt were different from what I’d previously been told or believed shed new light and new understanding which I obviously needed to hear right now. Ruth is very gifted and deeply intuitive and very good at what she does. I’d have no hesitation in recommending her for a reading!

Louise P

Firstly I was very impressed with the length and detail of the report covering such specific details such as soul colour, current frequency vibration and karma as well as the indepth information on soul origins and past lives etc. 

To my surprise most of the information completely resonated with me and I truly felt I was reading a report about myself, down to little details such as having high standards for myself, replying late to emails and having a longing for freedom. It is nice to make sense of these aspects of myself and to have an understanding as to where these originate from.

It was absolutely fascinating to read about my soul in other star systems and I am amazed by the detail that the report went into regarding what I may have been doing in these placements e.g developing spiritual skills and being a leader.

I really appreciate the little bits of advice throughout the report eg further reading and the links back into other aspects of the report, this made it personable to me.

Overall the galactic astology report is comprehensive, easy to read, personable and contains a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to me. It was a true pleasure to read.

Genna B

Ruth produced an extraordinary galactic astrology report for me! It was very clear and very deep and I was able to resonate with everything. I have found myself thinking about various aspects of it ever since I first read it.  I particularly resonated with the past life explorations and really felt a connection with those experiences. The way the report was laid out was a good lead into the deeper aspects of the reading, it prepared the way to consider my incarnations beyond the human ones - I found those quite exciting and so interesting in their diversity.  The section on karma is an important one and is explained very well by Ruth, I felt at peace with everything she said and it resonated.  I like the section on Guides too and felt a real closeness to what Ruth said.  The report is a lovely blend of traditional astrology and cosmic intelligence. It was a good exploration of my life path here on earth and has given me a lot to reflect on.  I will be re-reading this for many years to come.  I think Ruth is an excellent galactic astrologer and will help many souls to evolve and discover their true self.

Laura T

I would like to share a few words about how Ruth, through her uniquely warm and wise energy, has inspired deeper curiosity and clarity that has fortified my search for connection to my own wisdom. As a newcomer to galactic astrology, at least in the context of this 3D incarnation, something has awakened and I feel Ruth was the perfect soul/spirit to entrust the very personal information of my own galactic chart so that I could expand awareness and seize opportunities to take responsibility for my own spirit and soul. I’ve been struggling with issues related to my marriage but needed more of an explanation to see why the issues are what they are. Ruth was able to hone in on that. This is very different than the more standard advice that typically encourages one to set boundaries and “move on”. I recognize now through her skill in locating information in my chart that relates to a life my husband and I had in Andromeda, that that there is a source to the pain, and it is my job to face that and clear it. Her way of letting me know was kind and open ended meaning that I felt that I could hop on the energy she opened up and expand my understanding of the truth so that I could act upon that. It actually brings tears to my eyes. Ruth also shined light on the magic of memories, like animal life in Andromeda of which I spent many lives experiencing before taking on a human body. This has also moved me tremendously as I have had such visceral responses to certain parts of films, like that nature life in the film Avatar. I know this. I know it from the plant life and up! It is in my cellular memory! Ruth helped me tap into that which is so emotional for me. I feel so validated and given now that I actually have some jumping off validation, that helps me understand my work life, my driving value of freedom, and my work ethic, I can move forward now, validated, until the next huge question arises! I am very grateful to you Ruth and thank you for the opportunity to cross paths. I am also grateful to Julia who has burst open the floodgates attracting so many who share the same seeking energy and share their talents and services to help us on our journeys! Best to us all on this mission of remembering and knowing!


"Ruths astrology reading was very eye opening. Her intuition and ability to read akashic records are exceptional, she pinpointed many things no one would ever know about me. She gave me a thorough report that will assist me on my journey. I am grateful for this experience. Thank you Ruth! I definitely recommend this service."

Sabrina S

I couldn't recommend Ruth more highly. I was instantly drawn to her. Her reading is incredible, I resonate with everything. Beautifully written and very detailed. Also, Ruth delivered it to me exactly when she said she would :)

I am beyond happy with this reading and it has answered so many questions about my history, some that I had been asking for years, some I didn't realise I had! I will forever be grateful and humbled with this experience. Thank you Ruth, you angel.

Georgina E

'I am very grateful for the work Ruth has done for me. I was thrilled to read the report, which delivered so much insight and validation. The information provided resonated with me on every level.  It brought relief, clarity, joy, confirmed my mission for this life. Ruth has done a fantastic job and put so much information and detail in the report, which confirmed that the things I felt, thought, experienced were true and real. I would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone and  I am sure she will be helping so many people to find the truth about themselves and beautifully assist in their mission on this Earth'

Inesa L

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