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Birth chart Reading
Space station

Galactic Astrology basic reading


In this reading I go through your galactic astrology chart and connect to your akashic records to find out where your soul is originally from, the star systems in this galaxy that you have incarnated into and your most relevant previous incarnations on earth. I also look at your soul colour frequency and explain the energy you're bringing through into your life from this. This is a written report and is usually between 7 and 9 pages long.


I offer the following readings for you to choose from below

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Galactic Astrology advanced reading


In this advanced report I take a fully in depth look at your soul's galactic history and journey through this galaxy. I find out the themes for your incarnations that will help you in this life. I look at your karma and figure out how much you have left to release in this life. I find out your soul colour and what this means as well as your guides that are here to help. I go into a more in depth look at your astrology chart, focusing on the Lunar Nodes and how that connects to your soul journey and also look at some basic numerology. This is a written report and is usually around 20-25 pages. 

Soul Origins


In this short reading I focus on your soul origins, the form you took when you became an individual soul and the place of your first human incarnations. This is around 2-3 written pages. 

Follow up reading


This is a follow up reading for those who have already had one of the readings I offer. In this you can ask questions that came up for you from the original reading or we can delve into other areas not covered or a mixture of both. This is a written report and is usually around 8 pages.

Once you have made your purchase I will send you an email  to the address you supply within 24 hours with all the information I need. Please also check your spam folder in case it goes in there.

I do have a short waiting list so if you'd like to know how long before you book just send me an email.

Refunds - I will issue a refund, minus a small admin fee, up to a week before the due date of the reading.

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Ruth Taylor offers services that are of Metaphysical advisory nature. Ruth Taylor is not medical or psychological professional and is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or claim to cure any ailment be it mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual in nature. All information obtained from Ruth Taylor is to be taken solely as advisory only and not as a replacement for a professional medical care, or a professional consultation.  

As a client of Ruth Taylor you understand that you are fully responsible for your own personal transformation, and all your life decisions after the session with Ruth Taylor.

By proceeding with paying for your session with Ruth Taylor you legally confirm that Ruth Taylor will not be held personally, legally, or financially liable for any changes you decide to make in life based upon any advice you received from the aforementioned.  

By purchasing any of Ruth Taylor's services, you confirm that you understand and agree to the above disclaimer.

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